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Note: This policy should be read in conjunction with the Privacy Policy of the CookingTotem website you have visited or plan to visit.

1. What are cookies

Cookies are small text files containing data that are stored on your computer's hard drive through your browser when you visit a website. In these files certain settings for a website are stored, for example, so that you do not have to set them every time you visit. A unique ID can also be stored, so that a website can measure, for instance, how many unique visitors have visited the site, or keep track of which pages you have visited, so that other relevant pages can be offered on that basis. So although a cookie can be used to store a unique profile of the user in question, cookies never contain personal data, such as name or address details.

Functional cookies

These cookies are strictly necessary to provide you with services available through our websites and to use some of their features, such as access to secure areas. These cookies cannot be turned off and are set by default.

Performance cookies

These cookies are used to improve the performance and functionality of our websites, but are not essential to their use. However, without these cookies, certain functionality may not be available.

Product Analysis / Analytical Cookies

We measure the usage of our website through a number of third-party tools. We do this to detect and correct errors on our site, to be able to increase the ease of use and to test new functionalities or design (so-called A/B tests). These tools use cookies for this purpose.

Advertising cookies

These cookies are used to make advertising messages more relevant to you. They perform functions such as preventing the same ad from appearing again and again, ensuring that ads are displayed correctly for advertisers, and in some cases selecting ads based on your interests.

2. We use the following cookies

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3. Changing cookie settings

You can view and delete all installed cookies from your computer or mobile device and block the installation of cookies on your computer at any time via your browser settings.

For the most common browsers, you will find links to the relevant help pages below:

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PLEASE NOTE: if you reject and/or delete cookies, you may not be able to use all the features of a website. In addition, refusing and/or deleting cookies only affects the computer and browser on which you perform this action. If you use several computers and/or browsers, you must repeat the action(s) as often as necessary.

4. Changes

This cookie statement may be amended from time to time due to website or regulatory changes. In that case, we will change the "last update" date at the top of the document. In the event of significant changes, we will notify you by posting a notice of the changes before they take effect.

5. In conclusion

More information on how we handle your data can be found in our Privacy Statement. It also describes how you can retrieve your data and how to exercise the right to be forgotten.

In case you have any questions about the use of cookies on the website, you can always contact us by e-mail ( or by sending a letter to:

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