How to furnish a small kitchen?

Hoe richt je een kleine keuken in?

Most people dream of a spacious kitchen, however, a small kitchen can be very nice, especially with an efficient layout! Despite the smaller space, you can make sure it is functional and stylishly decorated. This way, you can make maximum use of your kitchen without compromising on cooking pleasure or storage space.

Looking for tips on how to furnish your small kitchen? Then read on!

Use smart cookware

When organising your kitchen, make full use of the inside of the kitchen cabinets. When you have a small kitchen, these kitchen cabinets will quickly fill up. What takes up the most space in the kitchen cabinets are the pans and cookware. A standard set of pans is not something you put on the kitchen counter because it looks messy. A solution to this is a stackable pan set with 1 or 2 lids that fit each pan. But also consider a combi oven, a cooking tap, essential knives, spatulas, ladles and tongs. By carefully selecting your kitchen appliances or kitchen tools and not buying more than you need, your kitchen will stay tidy, calm and neat.

Use light colours in a small kitchen

Light or neutral colours always work well in smaller rooms. Light colours make the room look bigger, as opposed to dark colours, which make the room look smaller. You can think of: light-coloured furniture, neutral kitchen worktop, light ceiling, light kitchen cabinets and a lighter floor. In modern interiors, the kitchen has become more of a part of the living room, where people spend more time than just preparing their meals.

Create more space with shelves

Shelves not only give you more space in the kitchen, but you can also add extra atmosphere. You can place plants or a spice rack on them, for example.

Provide good lighting

Lamps that provide good lighting can make your small kitchen look more spacious in the evening. Try choosing lighting that illuminates everything and notice the difference yourself!

Make the most of the inside of the kitchen doors

The kitchen cabinet doors can be useful in saving space. Attach some hooks and trays with simple hanging systems, and you instantly have extra storage options, which also offer peace of mind and overview.


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