Is electric cooking is the future?

CookingTotem op elektrische kookplaat
More and more home chefs are cooking on induction. Electric cooking is gaining in popularity every year. Almost 50% of the cooking appliances sold are induction cooktops. An induction hob runs on electricity and is economical, a good alternative to your gas cooker.

Every year, huge amounts of money are invested in making homes more sustainable. Not surprisingly, the amount of green electricity will only increase in the future. Electric cooking is becoming more and more interesting. In addition, with the Climate Agreement, the government wants to emit 49 per cent less CO2 in 2030 than in 1990. Saying goodbye to gas is one way to achieve this.

Cooking on induction has several important advantages over cooking on gas. The temperature is easy to regulate. It is safer than gas: the hob does not get as hot and there are no flames you can burn yourself on. Cleaning a gas hob is intensive while an induction hob is easy to clean.

Tips for electric cooking

Choose an induction hob, induction uses less power than other electric hobs. Look at the energy label for this. The development in induction hobs is increasing every year and becoming considerably more economical. When electricity becomes more sustainable, induction wins out over cooking on gas. emissions from cooking on gas are 80kg co2 annually. Just a little less when cooking on induction, which emits 70kg of co2 annually. Grey electricity is assumed.

Do you have plans to renovate or buy a new kitchen?

It makes sense to lay an electricity cable from the meter cupboard to the kitchen. Then you can easily switch to cooking on induction now or later.

Check that your pans are suitable for cooking on induction. There should be a magnetic steel layer in the bottom. You can easily check this with a magnet.

Need new pans?

Check on the packaging whether the pans are suitable for cooking on induction. CookingTotem pans are suitable for all cookers.
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